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Welcome to the_black_hand_side where we originally began on Facebook also  known as "The Positive Side of our Blackness".

Check it out, our new website shared content stems from a pro-black perspective, celebrating our rich culture, our perseverance to the political power of Hip Hop, to "newz we can use" surrounding American African socially systemic obstacles and to everything in-between that inspires us to be high achievers and global influencers. Its important to find your peace during difficult times, heartbreak, a new promotion or every day life stress.

Visit our website and check out new merchandise and charmed  SPELL JARS -

• New Beginnings

• Prosperity

• Anti-Anxiety/Healing

• Self Love

made with all organic grade ingredients that enhance your mood, invites meditation, guiding your intentions towards positive results.  Choose from any selected spell enhancing candles or  homecrafted containers for the office, home or garden. Our inventory selections make great gift ideas for all ages. 

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From one Visioneer to Another:

Content and Commerce

the_black_hand_side is committed to a collective community.  Our site combines commerce and selective content for all ages. We launched a NEW SECTION JUST FOR ARTISTS - Visit our Pricing Plans
- Commit and Submit your Content 
All submissions  should be thought provoking, creative or socially impactful with no nudity.
Any artist that wishes to subscribe and commit to a pricing plan agreement, beholds to "block out time" on our website allowing the artist to share content to a broader audience.
If interested, feel free to email a short bio titled ARTIST with up to five videos submissions via  
Choose one out of the three tier plans & pricing for the agreed allotted time promises artist up to 10 days not exceeding 30 days. 
We encourage subscribed members to  use this platform to share your content and build a audience.

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the_black_hand_side created a safe informative community space for content and commerce. Explore our novelty charmed store. Our success depends on your support. Consider donating today to support our small business growth and expansion via CashApp :

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Visit both our Facebook page : The Positive Side of our Blackness & our Instagram site : @the_black_hand_side.  Provide your email for special discount offers. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns. Feel free to reach out via email.

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